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Mar 25, 2013 4:30pm PDT
of phoenix and other for-profit educational institutions, reported a 79% drop due to lower enrollment. the stock was the biggest gainer in the s&p today, up more than 7%. coming up, we'll look at why some college graduates are having trouble with education debt and what some schools are doing about it. >> and also├▒uf still ahead, the supreme court hears a case that touches the wallet and the medicine cabinets of moat americans. first take a look at how the international markets finished the day. >>> some good news about prices at the pump. average gasoline prices fell a little more than 3 cents a gallon to $3.71 nationwide. the city with the highest average price in the lower 48 states? see if you can guess. chicago, $4.10. lowest average price just $3.33 a gallon is in montana. >> just days after the senate passed its first budget in four years, bill dudley, president of the federal reserve bank in new york, told -- >> this may not immediately lead to stronger growth because of the recent increase in fiscal restraint. >> also washington today, the supreme court hearing arguments in
Mar 18, 2013 4:30pm PDT
of "the electric company." agreement from the u.s. department of education's ready to learn grant, and viewers like you, thank you. visit where you can play a lot of games for your favorite characters and win votes, too. go ahead, what are you waiting for? hey, you... cut it! (laughing) that's awkward. (laughter) put your -- put it -- sorry! put your name on your mind and... (laughter) >>> this is nightly business report. >> markets around the world sell off as investors worry about a bank bailout plan for cyprus means for trouble. >> paul krugman diagnoses american's biggest economic challenges and builders say demand for homes up and so are costs and buildable land is scarce. why home builders aren't as confident. we have that and more starting right now. >> good evening. tyler, it's amazing how one small country in the mediterranean can create big problems for the rest of the world. >> this is a tiny bite. stock markets around the world wobbles as part of the plan to bailout cyprus. part of the plan will take money from the depositors. cyprus has an economy the si
Mar 22, 2013 4:30pm PDT
of education's ready to learn grant, and viewers like you, thank you. looks like we bothave a lot of catching up to do. well, visit, where you can play a lot of games for your favorite characters, and win votes, too. well, go ahead, what are you waiting for? guys, i've been training -- i'm sorry. this is totally a blooper. (laughing) marcus... (laughter) >>> this is "nightly business report." >> moving higher. stocks finish on an up note. still on track for the best quarter in 15 years. >>> water, water not everywhere. how the on going drought is hitting texas especially hard and how it may get worse. >>> and too late or not? why there is still time to refinance your mortgage but you may not want toait much longer. all that and more coming up right now. welcome to our viewing. >> investors were back in the buying mood as stocks bounced back but still closed lower for the week. the dow snapped the streak of four straight winning weeks and the s&p 500 logging the second losing week in 2013. the markets got a lift on optimism out of cyprus combined with a batch o stronger tha expec
Mar 19, 2013 4:30pm PDT
of education's ready to learn grant, and viewers like you, thank you. go online to and you can mix your own beatbox and share it with your friends. there are tons of other cool games you can play like musicman and jack bowser! better get playing if you want to be as good as shock. (beatboxing) two sets of wings and -- (beeping) this beetle was like as big as leo! (beeping) they -- sorry. run! (laughter) what was that? >>> this is "nightly business report" with tyler mathisen and susie gharib. >> the drama playing out in the mediterranean takes markets on a ride. worldwide the parliament in cyprus rejects a plan to tax its bank depositors. the euro falls to its lowest level since november. >>> ben bernanke and the fed get down to biness. what should we expect after its two-day meeting ends tomorrow? we'll ask former federal reserve governor randy crosser in. >> and what does the ceo of one of the world's iconic brands think of the economy and the american consumer? susie sits down with the top man at coca-cola. all that and more coming up right now on "nbr." good evening and wel
Mar 20, 2013 4:30pm PDT
.s. department of education's ready to learn gra, and viewers like you, thk you. just go online to we have behind-the-scenes, entire episodes, and loads of brand-new games all the time. but don't just take my word for it, go, check it out for yourself. play your harmonica like you mean it! this is going to go on a long time! and i'm not sorry to do it! i love that thing! i like your hat! i like your shoes! (laughter) report" with tyler matheson. >> no change. the federal reserve leaves interest rates where they are and stocks move higher. >> coming up, oracle and fed-ex, two corporates report disappointing earnings. >> and hot houses. more good news on housing sends home building stocks higher. we'll look at whether or not there's a thaw in the mortgage market as we continue our stream guide. all of that and more ahead. >> so, tyler, all about the federal reserve and the economy. >> and cyprus in there for good measure. it was a very busy news day. we're here to tell you all about it. the federal reserve did it again. says it's going to keep ierest rates where they are, near 0
Mar 21, 2013 4:30pm PDT
from the u.s. department of education's ready to learn gra, and viewers like you, thank you. play awesome electric company games and earn points for your favorite person, like me, hector. i mean, i'm your favorite, right? so what are you waiting for? i'm great at telling people what to do. hey kids! pick up that trash. kidding with these, right? hey! (sneezing) bless you! >>> this is "nightly business report" with tyler mathisen. >> stocks taken on the chin. hit by a one-two punch of weak technology and drama over a bailout in cyprus. >> a growing health issue. cbs, the company, asking for more medical information from employees. how much should your employer really know about you? >> and a tough decision. the housing market seems to be on the mend. so it's time to ask the age-old question. should you rent or buy? all that and more coming up. good evening, everyone. well, tyler, a down day on wall street and it seems like investors are starting to pay attention to bad news. >> certainly this week, and certainly again today, after spending much of the day blissfully gliding over wh
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6